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Under Writing Can’t

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Chest beating – non hesitant –

primordial militant/

depicts the strength combatant –

yet from the same grant

the meekness of ant,

innocence of infant,

a mellifluous plant;

for it touches in rant/

not in indignant “I can’t”….

Who would not experientially supplant

the chosen kant?

Attempt and be irritant…?

To be wise immigrant

bid only to implant

as per the warrant,

spoken in occlusion-protrusion-currant.

Penetrating and “moving” like released hydrant

Yet-these eyes, not slant,

with growth in wealth-resistant;

to the nigger’s hydrant.

Befitted would not pant

for even as termagant

there’s parental recompense instant.

Fortified in Llyod’s pant,

underwrites even the crazy cant’s

an infant celebrant…

inebriated….. locomotive intoxicant

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