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The Squirrel

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You, the squirrel; the cross-roads,

‘twas, by omission or commission it all started,

yet the hobnobbing – steady,

increasing with a crease.

There’s something still unknown to this part,

Whether the parties hereto, took alchemist’s show,

is that which still beats me hollow.

As for my part, it’s all mixed grill.

On application to the court of Jurisprudencia

In the case of The Squirrel Vs The Nut. Jurisprudentia C.J,

[dissenting] created precedent and said inter alia…

“…….. of all that has rolled by (proved by evidence b/4 me)

one has been unprecedented ………….. The striking peculiarities

– squirrel – and the prevailing circumstances, equates the balance………………..”

“Stricto sensus, squirrel you’ve cracked the nut, thanks to the FIRE, which you wet, there might have been a breakdown in the human machine – the nut”.

Per Justicia .J. (also dissenting)

To drop the blue tipped quill,

I wish him the best [after all he was neither in court nor does the dissension confer the jus on the nut],

for that time to come, when from the West to the East,

the coloured snow will fall, in all that jubilation,

on you in the white and ……………….what?

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