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The Moth

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From the beauty

of the earth

rises the mountains

of justice, and

fountains of joy…..

Given a thing of beauty…..

From it all is the inverse thought

given all that has been caught

in the lives on pretty worth.

To crawfish he doth

just like the butterfly doth

in reverse thought.

Look at its beauty colors forth

yet what brings it in this cloth?

Nectar, light or that sought.

To me in thought

no luddite moth

can stop the beauty of butterfly cloth.

Even the razor north

leaves butterfly in no wrath

Remember butterfly flies down to earth

when touched to leave powdery stuff –

nature’s sartorial embellishment thought

The butterfly, yes, soft…..

never hidden from eyes of aloft

will fall prey for no plot

short of that universal sloth

So delicate in its cloth

man sensitive in its path

like “don’t touch the earth –

or take a bath”.

Remaining ideas dearth

I wonder who can solve this math?

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