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And the Lord said “Let There is light.”

And there was light:

And there was a garden in which He planted a little acorn.

Which brought along with it a mission:

a mission to fulfill for the cause of the whole plantation,

and from the little acorn, grew a night oak!

 An oak, which spreads its branches over the plantation

 in protection and for the good of all.

The oak, knowing what to do,

does not tend towards carnal pleasures,

for it knows of the burden it carries with it,

and has the will power to suppress and direct.

And this oak formed a one day confederacy,

with that one, who without, the oak would fall,

for the day a tree loses its roots,

is the day the free will fall.

The confederacy bringing forth and yielding plenty.

A Human Machine with “Magic Power” in its mind.

and the oak, like a mystic utilized the “M.P”,

and so has been carried beyond the cycle of rebirth.

Its living is a continuous expression of love

Its doings are guided by the Farmer,

who planted similar species, one of the Gandhi type,

 another of the Nehru type. .

There is a beggar’s anthem on the plantation,

which is sung, when the trees’ bow to the wind,

But alas!  this oak, sings not the beggar’s anthem….

For the acorn was planted in a fertile land,

its roots of the buttress type, are too strong to, be paralleled,

its trunk is thicker than timber,

its branches spreading a wide area.

To crown it all, it is an adopt of its race!

The oak, like “Igba Keyi Onsa”,

has many fruits and flowers blooming

but its buds are innumerable.

Yet with all its great qualities, it still serves all,

old and young, near and far,

for there is religion in service, and service in religion.

 Howbeit, the great rushing wind, is doing its best to make

the ‘oak’ bow,

but shall the time come when men will bow down to assess.

AWO! HAPPY 29-24 +4TH Prime Numberth BIRTHDAY  

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