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Repress The Lest

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I did all my best,

in a bid to impress –

on you, my earnest interest,

And on getting to the crest,

despite all my zest,

I am still depressed.

But I shall continue to press,

until I get in the dress,

that will impress.

Oh!  Foundress –

you get into my ‘breast’

I mean that under my vest;

yet you will not be my guest.

Rather in a jest,

you test –

my quest,

for your finesse,

and my interest –

in you, dear mistress.

It is not the mattress,

that makes me a pest,

rather, you princess;

because you fail to be express,

in your progress –

with respect to my request,

that you should be my empress.

In earnest,

Try to put an arrest,

to my distress,

by not being an anchoress

while I am on the armrest,

trying to take a rest,

in my little nest –

[during this tempest

which only you can arrest].

I must impress and profess –

I’m only trying to get abreast,

with you my enchantress.

Then amarest,

get out of the express,

suppress the stress –

and repress the ‘LEST’?

It’s not just the tress,

but all the rest,

that makes my interest …..

I protest this progress.

I now confess,

so you can come into my nest –

and be at rest,

else I’ll go west,

and there’ll be an inquest,

which shall not be in your interest?

Hoping that I’m not in excess,

I say – be my best,

and forget the rest.

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