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Prescient Torch

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The chief d’ oeuvre

in trinity

bring for the in unity:

the lessons of divinity,

some mental alacrity,

the joy of serenity,

the transparence of sagacity,

the spread of hilarity.

Having real in diminuendo

about “Sacramento”

depicted by Leonardo…

one like Orlando

learns (the) baptist/ inferno?

The boy’s solo

sung in (a) gusto

true rings of polo –

animation of Niccolo?

or il busemanto?

Maybe not – in retrospection.

But then in circumspection:

quaere…. the reflection.

‘Not one in defection.

with Iscariot infection – …

mayhap in question

is a leader – distraction

thrice denial –  in completion.

Could be in continuation

of the real revolution;

no windy barb but rushing inundation –

“Speaking convolution”.

The epistles , perhaps, in revelation….”

Dulled in competition –

failure in replication,

success in moderation –

no results of infatuation;

no self-promotion.

Watch, yes, watch

the swatch

and follow the torch.

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