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Nigeria, To Remain 27/8/78?

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Come let us bargain – 70 kilometers for 3 hours.

Come along with me – see Nigeria.

Abakaliki – Ogoja – the eye – opener;

Along the Cross, on planks we cross,

Along the Cross, I am cross,

– My people are suffering,

Oh! I am cross.

In the sun we weathered;

in the sun they walked and worked.

We then crossed to the rain,

still to find them, in rain, to walk and work.

Along, the road, dilapidated out and out –

I saw my people suffering –

–  poverty by the road and bridge – all but dead.

– poverty in the eyes, face, walk and dress.

– poverty in the compound – mud and thatch round & round

– poverty stricken we are, in this oil boom or doom

Electric poles here and there,

what there for, but for us to be deceived.

Fertile land for us to see,

with the trees unfelled and earth untilled,

from where you could see the horizon to the oblivion

dotted with those gifts of nature, for us to see.

Then, the mind is seeing itself,

went back to Agenebode

where to find the Niger flowing and growing –

yet the microcosm – here – has no water to drink.

Where in others – summer resort shall it be,

to stay and clay with nature’s good things.

Now, nearer the earth and mind,

what is there to do, but to be up to the task –

Say NO to some plot while most plod

Vote for the microcosm, the conscience dictates –

For the “Socialist of Love” is for you and me.

Auch! My back achesand my head bangs,

yet to remember that I am

but still on the road.

And that was the end of it all.

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