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Je Ne Sais Qoui – Jane

Home / Poems / Je Ne Sais Qoui – Jane

(1)        ‘I’ means Janeite in this main.

(2)        I have tried in vain.

I am left in the rain,

Yet to leave the rain,

has been in vain.

(3)        When my thoughts are in a train,

to get you out of the main,

  • but then I end up in a strain,

in my attempts which too are in vain.

(4)        What shall I gain,

driving this crane,

down the jejune amatory lane.

I came bald-headed to gain,

but the throes of your cain,

leave me only to pain.

Jane don’t let me go down the drain!

(5)        He was a winner – John Wayne

Onto the stage I come not like a Jain,

but like him – John Wayne;

only to catch that visual part of your brain!

Despite all Jane …………………..

(6)        Wasn’t it by ……….? – I got in me cupid’s bane?

I am no human machine to otherwise feign,

this Jane you fail your mind to train;

as you have treated me with a fain,

viewed me with jaundiced nain,

your belief is – he has come to feign,

that’s why you put me – lain!

Is this fair, Jane?

(7)        Forget not that life is a continuous train.

Don’t you know I too have my stress & strain?

I’ve got to keep ‘me’ from stain.

Yet because of Jane some have tried in vain,

because I left them in the rain.

While manning the other wain,

I saw you on WAMORATA’s lane;

saw second thoughts I looked into your sukh nain

Oh! What (                        ) – dear Jane!

While I left some to like a trophy drain

you – yes you – you leave me in the rain.

Definitely this is no cricket Jane.

To get the picture, look at the mirror not it’s lain,

Honestly I have been roughly driven in your wain.

I may appear insane,

But I am in full control (I hope) of my brain.

Don’t you think Jane

I shouldn’t get a contretemps as my gain.

SAY! Who the hell is this JANE???

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