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In The Year AWO Was 70…

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Nigeria is born free;

yet man is everywhere in chains [here], 

man is wolf to man [here],

man in a state of nature found himself [here],

then there was the pactum unionis in late ’78,

and of course, there must be the pactum subjectionis.

Who then shall we deliver the General Will to,

who shall be our Leviathan,

who shall be our [Austin’s] sovereign,

who shall be our God’s anointed;

for hasn’t it been ordained that this is the time?

For once, we have to be free and yet feel emancipated.

Purpose of society is for the happiness of all,

Papa, to us on the LCTS bus, you are the Great,

Papa, what about the mission you were sent?

Papa, the pace setter ab initio,

Papa – the philosopher king,

Papa – you the just, just have to deliver the message.

Leader, now septuagenarian you begin,

though to us, for the diamond jubilee you look,

Grandpa, the man of truth and light;

if it is true, that the reward is here commenced,

Why then, shouldn’t you be rewarded forthwith?

Oh! 1979, the great year for us all.

The prophetic, thank God, you attained this age,

for how about those long gone?

How about those around without a star?

How about those you started together with?

Your campaign like a mighty rushing wind,

uprooting, clearing, and forwarding the “timbre”,

in its wake of preparation, is a good omen for us.

We know Lucifer has its powers,

yet when the Light cometh along with the glorious dawn,

Lucifer’s agents shall either doff or stop!

Brethren, not to worry,

the prophets are on the high streets with their bell,

ringing, loud and clear – the vibration cutting across the air,

Commanding our desired goal,

however, brothers of light, over to you …

The voice of order and pupils of Ezekiel sing;

“We shall overcome,

We shall overcome today,

Loni we shall, we too believe,

Papa, shall overcome, Loni.”

Despite – spitfire, “african socialist”, bitterless and

election cooperator, [can there be any juxtaposition with these?]

You the squirrel teeth have cracked the riddle of the [jugger] nut!

Upward over the years you toiled.

You dropped and oiled,

You’ve coughed and toughed.

In creating the “name” for eternity,

You’ve created the “same” for posterity,

generations to ask “who injected THIS into civilization?”

You’ve married and given in marriage,

You’ve aided the world in orderly growth,

“the world owes its existence to generation,

the world is none but God’s playground,

the world is really a reflection of His holy glory”

You might ask – “what’s all these jazz?

I answer emphatically with colours all bright …

“the entrepreneur wed locked to Professor+,

the entrepreneur cum politician+,

the advocate et political scientist spouse to the trawl+,

and lest I forget the great captivating doctors-+.

Procreating the beautiful yet loving siblings

with room for more …..”

With all said and done, I say, to it all is ……

The Great Queen of Sheba – of the Order of Holy Mary,

Mary and Martha of this time,

the entrepreneur Y politician,

the mother and consort – quintessence of virtue,

the stem cum hallmark,

the gravamen and, yes, the locus classicus!

Papa – Lion, king of all animals,

as fast as cheetah you are,

you outstanding homo sapien.

Be therefore sobriquet “dictator and tyrant”,

but note that we that desire the TELOS are for you.

But where then, do you derive these powers?

´Awo`, are they from Awo?

Which secret cult demands from you?

Are they from your Gandhi glasses?

The Awo cap or infectious smile?

Or from the piercing look and striking personality?

We hear, to you, Gandhi and Nehru are great,

Which talisman do you therefore use?

Do you derive them from the western mind?

Or is it from the leftist bloc?

“Grapevine” has it that in Poland “ORISA” you are called,

In Russia, your books are revered.

Could it be Plato, Aristotle, Socrates …. working on you?

Or could they be a result of transfiguration?

Could this be your configuration?

Could this be your last coming?

The last, being the 7th – when the end is achieved?

After which to the “City of God” you find your rest and rest?

Without driving-in a pin with a sledge,

I am sure, that you, yes you, Papa,

are nothing but God’s idea on earth,

Nothing but His reflection on His playground.

You could be nothing but God sent,

to show the world what Nigeria is.

You are Nigeria’s Karl, Mao, and Descartes …..

Why else should you be perused only to whet the

appetite and make for a quest and thirst?

Quaere – What brings about a quest for knowledge???

“Papa, you are Moses: The man – the crucial choice;

You are Abraham: The response living by faith;

You are Ruth: God in common place;

You are David: The man – success mingled with failure;

You are Moses: The servant committed completely;

You are Joseph: The character that endures;

You are Samuel: Steadfastness in difficult times;

You are Jeremiah: As a wall of bronze;

You are Joshua: Valiant Leader;

You are David: The king after God’s heart”.

Papa, now that you are at your prime,

You’ve just started enjoying life,

Seat back, relax, eat, drink and be merry,

“for what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world

And lose his bippy?”

[However and moreover, there is a BUT,

Should a dotted hamlet of groundnut-eating people be so lucky?

When almighty up ISARA is there!]

In gratitude to Almighty God,

For His gift to you on your 70th birthday,

MR. PRESIDENT SIR, I toast to your good health, long life,

and peaceful, effective and progressive government!!!

Happy birthday in advance – February 6, 1979;

Happy birthday today – March 6, 1979;

Happy birthday come – October 1, 1979;

That DAY, you collect your birthday gift,

I say happy birthday in arrears!

Long Live AWO! Long Live UP Nigeria!! Long Live Nigeria!!!

Hip-hip-hip-hurray [3ce]!!!

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