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Freedom Fighter! Victory

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Though born free, Man is everywhere in chains,

Yes, there are lands;

all lands are equal,

but some are more equal than others.

Then came Man, to acquire land.

He got one, rain beat him,

and yet another, nails hit him,

he went there, dogs bit him,

he came here, disputations chased him.

All in an illusory bid to be emancipated.

Another waited for time and occasion to meet him,

and got good land.

One, at non-opportune time acquired

enjoying then – but now meeting with coups.

Then freedom fighter took his arms, damned the rest.

In yet another untimely bid to get land,

this time, its guerilla warfare,

for nothing but unripe, overused fruits.

But, Alas! Hallelujah!

Freedom fighter is now emancipated.

Victory, Victory, Victory!!!

More grease to your elbows.

He has got war ridden Angola;

Where his SOLACE,

the unripe and overused Fruits lie.

Now his aids – blood and water,

shall be called to eat with him.

But this time who shall warn?

Rain, nail, dog & disputation

have been conquered by his SOLACE.

Chain of honour and garland of grace

now discarded.

Enough is enough,

no more, the puerile disputations,

Freedom is fighter is now Matured.

But they may eat till…..Ah!

But can you in trying to save a head,

lose yours?

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