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Bad Cook

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Nun, Otobo,

How many times will you cook

before the soup is done?

Nna broda, dis people bin just

dey put oiyele for soup now!

Aba talkam for me quick, quick

How many tiame you wan amend

decree for ita tinunmbu?

Look, Look, Look, Mr. Tiok-Tiok,

Make ju, ju, just comot,

Karry jour load ko.

Na so ju wan make tea

ju no put sukar!

Abi, ngbati shagent just put starsh

dresh, marshing in, di-di-e-e-

Kishen jojarajo!

Why will dey not tell you to leaf di ouse?

Cheneke!! Dis cook I don chop, chop

in belle, don full pas, in don pour

oiyele for in stomok. Chei!

Abasimio!! Ju are a bas kard,

Ju just steel all my wack go una ouse.

Allah! shege barau, banza, tolk

am for me now now, dis people

don, deceive us  weliwel, me I go

catch am!

Olowun oo!! When I woss tellin di

boys, data dis man has no plans

you said no, en beni, you said no, you

kon see what dey are doin now ke.

Hey, Bra, make una listen to di news

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