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Konyin Ajayi

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Rest Assured With…

And the Lord said “Let There is light.” And there was light: And there was a garden in which He planted a little acorn. Which brought along with it a mission: a mission to fulfill for the cause of the whole pl
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In The Year AWO Was 70…

Nigeria is born free; yet man is everywhere in chains [here],  man is wolf to man [here], man in a state of nature found himself [here], then there was the pactum unionis in late ’78, and of course, ther
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Adoring the Duck

Prepare the wok­­ – [for I adore the duck; her commodore walk, artillery rock, wingman mock; Her gorgeous frock, interesting talk; her pork and cock] – dock the duck. But her work in the Du
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Checking Out

While out in Czech running a credit check; in the wales’ deck, running a medical check; found I was in debt deep unto my neck so I wrote my cheque & did my best; out of breath stop the peak…
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